Tips for winter plumbing

The winter seasons in Canada is hard to come across for anyone, not to mention plumbing systems in the harsh stormy winter. Here we have several warmed tips for home owners to prevent plumbing problems.

  1. Always have warm and circulated air in house

Staying with a steady temperature in your house is always a good idea: not only does it keep you and your family members warm, but also for your plumbing system, which will avoid freezing problems. It is suggested to set your thermostat over 55 degree F in your house to keep yourself away from plumbing issues.

  1. Insulate pipes

It is quite crucial to keep your pipes isolated from cold weather, since huge temperature changes may lead to disastrous freezing and leakage problems of plumbing. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to install strips of polyethylene and inspect your pipers before winter comes.

  1. Get prepared for outdoor faucets

Before winter seasons arrive, be prepared to check the status of your outdoor hoses: make sure they have been drained and disconnected to prevent the potential damage. This is because they are quite fragile, which means they would not be able to withstand the cold weather if you leave them outside.

  1. Inspect plumbing regularly

It is essential to inspect your pipe systems regularly, preventing the potential problems of leakage, corrosion, freezing problems or other problems during winter seasons.  Check out whether the plumbing is fully working. If not, repair it as soon as possible in order to avoid bigger issues.


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