Keep Your Home Safe and Dry

At its most basic, your home’s plumbing and drainage system is meant to run downhill, following the path of least resistance, however, local topography and construction often impedes that natural flow. For whatever reason, whether your home is in a flood-prone area or your home’s first-floor plumbing fixtures are lower than the next upstream manhole in your neighborhood, you’ll need a backwater valve installed.

Though the dynamics and technical code requirements of installing a backwater valve can be quite complex, the end result is quite simple: to keep water and waste flowing downhill as intended – without it ending up in your basement or kitchen instead.

As a Toronto homeowner, you don’t have to understand the functions of a backwater valve. Backed by more than 35 years of experience in plumbing repair, maintenance and installation, we understand pipes, drains, pumps and valves better than almost anyone.

When it comes to backwater valves, we provide homeowners excellence in the following services:

  • Mainline backwater valve installation, both indoors and out
  • Adapt-a-valve installation and repair
  • City permit and inspection application
  • Filing of Toronto $1,250 rebate application

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