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Interior Basement Waterproofing

There are two options available to protect your house from a flooding. One of them is the interior waterproofing which works the best for a certain houses which cannot be protected by the outside waterproofing due to structure or condition of the building.
Interior waterproofing stops water from going inside to the basement however it doesn’t protect foundation of your home from potential damages. It means that water will be possibly trapped behind the membrane, which will deteriorate your walls in a long term. You have to make sure that plumbing company will use right insulation and vapor barriers to avoid risk of condensation building up.
Basement waterproofing Toronto services became very popular in a last decade due to people use of basements as a leaving area. Lots of Toronto homes have a very close proximity to each other and the only way to protect these homes is to install interior waterproofing prior to finishing.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Providing exterior waterproofing to your house is the most effective way to protect your basement from leaking or flooding. Moreover, it protects walls from premature deterioration, foundation heaving or cracking. In a long term, you can be sure that your home will be free from any mould which can harm not only foundation of your home but also harm your family in a long term.


Drain 1 Plumbers has a wide-range of interior and exterior basement waterproofing solutions to meet your exact needs. These include:

  • Window well and drainage systems
  • Foundation seepage solutions
  • Sump pump and sump well installation
  • Crack injections for foundation repair
  • And much more…